Personal Trainer for Women in Telford. Call: 07961 385754

Fitness Classes

As a qualified Pilates and Fitness Instructor I offer a range of classes that you can attend.

Chair Based Exercise

Chair Based Exercise classes are designed for people who require gentle exercise. Chair Based is suitable for the older adult and the disabled.

Golden Oldies

You are never too old to start exercising or stop for that matter. As we get older it is very important that we keep our fitness levels as well as our muscular strength and flexibility.

By participating in a structured class we can cover all these area and also keep our minds sharp.

Mature Mega Mix

A low impact class, incorporating an aerobics, resistance and core workout.

Suitable for beginners and the over 50's.


Pilates is mat based exercise which focuses on core strength, whilst working every muscle group in the body.

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