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Personal Training

Personal Training has become more common place over the last few years. This is predominantly due to the media and celebrities.

You do not have to be a celebrity to have a Personal Trainer or have loads of money. A good way of thinking about Personal Training is that it is an investment in your health and fitness. And like any investment you can reap the rewards in both the short and long term.

Deciding to have a Personal Trainer should not be a quick decision. Personal Training is not a quick fix and will not provide a miracle cure. Personal Training is a two way commitment between client and trainer.

Personal Training should be used as a kick start to a fitness regime or a way of preparing for a big event or as a motivational tool.

Your Personal Training session may include a combination of:

  • Running outdoors
  • Boxing moves
  • Free-weight training
  • Barbell exercises
  • Balance ball exercises
  • Resistance band workouts

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